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Utilizing state-of-the-art scuba educational materials, expert instructors and the most thorough, responsible and demanding program I have ever observed, Action Divers is without peer in the field of diver education.

Dr. J. T. Bell, Scuba Safety Lab

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Why do so many beginning and experienced divers choose Action Divers for their recreational scuba training? Because divers who train with Action Divers learn more and progress faster thanks to the most thorough, responsible and effective scuba diver education program in Puerto Galera and all of Southeast Asia.

Unlike many resort-based dive operations that boast about how little you have to do to get certified, Action Divers has always emphasized the importance of thorough and extensive training to ensure you master the skills you'll need to dive safely wherever you go scuba diving.

Scuba diving is fun, and so is learning to dive, but safe diver education requires serious commitment from both the instructor and the student. That's because the joy of discovering the beauty and mystery of the aquatic realm is entirely dependent on the safe use of underwater life support equipment.

Action's team of veteran dive education professionals has pioneered innovative training methods that enable students to master important skills rather than simply complying with agency-specified performance requirements. And Team Action continues to develop, enhance and refine one of the world's best scuba diving education programs.

So while you may find cheaper, easier and quicker scuba courses, you will not find more thorough, more responsible and more effective diver training than the scuba diver education programs pioneered by Action Divers, Puerto Galera's premier scuba diving center.