Advanced Open Water by Action Divers

With Action Divers, you'll learn more and progress faster thanks to the most thorough, responsible and effective Advanced Open Water (AOW) course in Puerto Galera. Your "classroom" will be the reefs of Puerto Galera where Team Action's expert instructors will guide you through the step by step process of careful dive planning for various conditions divers often encounter in the real world. Then you'll dive your plans learning critically important advanced safety skills such as underwater navigation, safety stops and deep diving techniques.

The advanced course is fun, but because AOW course standards allow for minimal commitment to educational objectives, it's often just overpriced fun diving, especially in resort areas.  In Puerto Galera, Action Divers is the one dive operator that has made a genuine commitment to advanced diver training and the educational integrity of a course that goes well beyond chaperoned "experience" dives.

To become a certified Advanced Open Water Diver, you'll need to complete five adventure dives, including Deep, Underwater Navigator and three of the following:

Price: $340

Includes Team Action instruction, full set of rental scuba equipment, PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER MANUAL. Upon successful completion of the course, photo ID PADI Advanced Open Water C-card.